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Shapeways is your 劲爆体育在线直播 manufacturing partner from prototype to large scale production. 

Getting Started

Upload your file. Don鈥檛 have a file? We can help.

Select a material and finish that best suits your product.

We鈥檒l start printing your item using our industrial 劲爆体育在线直播 printers and post process your product.
Your print will be shipped and will show up at your door ready to use!

21M +

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High-Quality Prototypes

There are no limits to how many prototypes or iterations you might need to perfect parts. Fine-tune products before investing in final production鈥攅specially if they will be performing critical, complex tasks.

劲爆体育在线直播 printed drone parts

Replacement Parts

劲爆体育在线直播 printing is extremely useful for manufacturing parts that have become difficult to find, or are now obsolete. Existing or similar parts are scanned, recreated, and printed for immediate use.

Drone Technology

劲爆体育在线直播 printed parts have been used in aerospace for decades due to their strong yet lightweight nature, and this benefit translates to drones too, using durable materials for various product requirements.

The Shapeways Advantage

Trusted by Businesses Around the World

劲爆体育在线直播 Printing On Demand

Whether you need to prototype one part or enable mass customization on a single product, Shapeways has the manufacturing technology to meet your needs

90+ Materials

With over 90 materials ranging from versatile plastic to steel, aluminum and other precious metals, we have what you need for any case.

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